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Ashaway's Go-To For Superb Pressure Washing Services

Bristol Pressure Washing

The experts at Tee Cee's Power Blasters offer professional pressure washing throughout Ashaway and the surrounding area. We want to make sure you're getting the best cleaning options for your home or business. By working with our pressure washing pros, you can feel confident you're getting a great clean for your home or business. 

Pressure washing is a great way to ensure your stronger outdoor surfaces in Ashaway are kept clean and clear. Our cleaning options combine biodegradable cleaners with high-powered water sprays to break down contaminants before they're washed away. The pressure washing process gets deep into the structure of your surfaces to ensure there aren't any contaminants left.

For each cleaning project, we do a full individual assessment to make sure you're getting the best cleaners and water pressure for your unique project. If our assessment shows your Ashaway surfaces can't hold up to the rigorous cleaning process of pressure washing, we'll offer professional soft washing.

Soft washing is a gentle cleaning option that protects surfaces like siding, shingles, or softwood throughout the cleaning process. We use biodegradable cleaners and gentle water-bleach mixtures on surfaces that can't stand up to the rigorous cleaning process of pressure washing. Soft washing is perfect for roof cleaning and house washing. 

To learn more about how our experts can help with your pressure washing project in Ashaway, call Tee Cee's Power Blasters today at Missing required attribute: Missing required 'which' attribute on shortcode phone-number.. 

Protecting Your Ashaway Home with Roof Cleaning

The best way to protect your roof from damage is to invest in professional soft washing. Your roof is exposed to the elements throughout the year. A roof cleaning project washes away dirt and grime while also killing any mold or mildew that's found its way onto your roof. This cleaning process helps to ensure your shingles are kept healthy.


One cracked or missing shingle can be devastating to your roof deck. A missing shingle leaves the roof deck open to water damage, UV damage, and even pests. Our roof cleaning option cleans away any growth or debris to leave your roof healthy.


Commercial Soft Washing for Ashaway

Our soft washing option isn't just for your home. If you have a business in Ashaway, it's time to call in the cleaning experts at Tee Cee's Power Blasters. We'll assess the cleaning project you have in mind and help choose the best cleaners and water pressure for your unique cleaning project. 

Surfaces made out of shingles, siding, softwood, and even glass aren't made to hold up against the high-powered water sprays of pressure washing. However, our professional soft washing service gets you the same great clean. To speak to our experts, call us today. 

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